Fresh Water Holding Tanks

It’s common for large construction sites, and neighborhood developments to have an onsite office trailer and most of these have fully functional restrooms inside. However, the lack of water and sewage lines can sometimes become an unexpected dilemma when hooking up a temporary construction site office trailer or any other type of temporary trailer with a restroom or kitchen. Our fresh water holding tank combined with our waste water holding tanks can solve this problem quickly.

The footprint of these tanks is about a four-foot square. Our fresh water holding tanks holds 250 gallons of water. The water supply tank acts as your reservoir, holding all fresh non-potable water prior to usage. Upon request, a 110-volt fresh water pump can be attached to the tank to provide water pressure at about 60 psi. These tanks are discreetly positioned on the outside of your office trailer. This allows us to perform all services from outside your trailer facilities.

Delivery, Setup & Service

Our delivery crew is friendly and knowledgeable in the setup process and will make sure the units are set securely and properly. Event Services of GA offers a choice between once or twice a week refilling of the 250-gallon tanks to provide you with the appropriate service for your specific needs. Don’t forget that we also offer waste water holding tanks if needed. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you to determine what rentals would be best for you and your location.