Stainless Steel Dish Washing Sinks

Our stainless steel dish washing sinks are exactly what you need for an outdoor barbecue contest, a family reunion, or an outdoor wedding reception. They are also sturdy enough for any catered outdoor occasion or large-capacity special event.  Water can be supplied by the customer via a hose if that is preferred and if a water supply is convenient at the location. Our delivery crew is friendly and knowledgeable in the setup process and will make sure these units are set securely and properly.

About Our Dish Washing Sinks

  • large enough to handle catering-size dishes, pots, and pans
  • come with a fresh cold and hot water supply
  • includes a portable hot water heater
  • includes a grey water holding tank for the dirty dish water to drain in to
  • a stand-alone unit requiring only standard power to operate (we also offer generators that can be rented for this purpose if the event location does not have access to standard power)
  • part of a 4-foot long stainless steel table
  • excellent as a kitchen work space